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Welcome to MIND IT GmbH.

mind-it-home-welcome-01-9506020MIND IT GmbH provides high skilled services in information technologies. We invite you to have a closer look into our service presentation and we hope also, you will figure out that we could be helpfully also for you. It might be worth to check us out because we are working differently than most of our competitors.

With 25 active years of experience in industrial and midsized enterprises, we know our business perfect! And we would be glad to use our experience, to transform also your needs of “up to date communications technology” as efficiently as possible into practical solutions for you.

mind-it-home-trust-partner-02-23400643Working together with you we define our role as being your partner, your knowledge back engine and your well skilled project management, realizing your ideas and needs. Plus … unlike many other of our competitors we are NOT the kind of specialists; you just can understand with a master degree in engineering. We speak your language in according of your profession and we evaluate your requests on the level of your business area, not backwards!

To give you a first hint what we could do for you, here is an headline stylish overview of our main service portfolio:

  • Highly specialized IT services such as software packaging, network design or quality control management in practice for large industrial projects.
  • Complete IT infrastructure solutions for small-and medium-sized companies.
  • On the edge knowledge and expertise in almost all areas of IT technology, based on 25 years of project experience in the industry.
  • Experience in participation and/or management of large and mid-sized projects (also in international surroundings).
  • Professional consulting and advice services based on the needs of your business area.
  • Planning & implementation of a customized IT solution for your actual business and your actual industry field.
  • A performance based, efficiently optimization for your existing infrastructure.
  • A personal all in one contact partner for all your IT issues.
  • Assistance in product election, procurement, management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.
  • Support, education and training of your employees.

We have as much experience in major industrial projects, as we understand perfectly the needs and special conditions of mid- or small- sized companies. We are there for our customers and we do also take you serious, if you don’t call yourself a global player.

mind-it-home-international-03-6784174Furthermore we feel not only comfortable with German- speaking customers. In projects as well as in our core business we also speak fluent English and Spanish, on request we can organize you resources with additional language skills too. We make perfectly sure that you understand us and that we understand you!

And now we hope we have been able to catch your attention. Please feel free to take a closer look at us and maybe you will find out that we could be very handy and productive, also for your company.

Your MIND IT GmbH.

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